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One of the important technical and economic element in oil, gas, petrochemical and powerplant complexes is insulation, specially the aluminium jacketing for prevention of tempetature and weathering properties with superior corrosion resistance. Ideh Sazan company was formed in 1992 for the reason of self sufficiency of oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant industries.


Material Description

Aluminium roll jacketing is manufactured from standard type alloys 1050 - 1060 - 1100 - 1200 -  3003 - 3105 - 5010 with temper of H-14 & H-16 which provides optimum mechanical properties and facilitates field application and inspection.

Aluminium roll jacketing is over by one protective layer of 25 micron craft paper. The moisture barrier is attached to the jacketing by continuous lamination across the full surface of the jacketing. Our adherence to world-class manufacturing principles and our continuous quality checks make this a reality.

Valve Safety Interlock

Representative agent of Haake Germany valve interlock products.

Safety must not be left to chance

Valves play an important roll in many industrial production lines and energy networks. Valves perform essential functions regarding safety and process control systems. The correct setting and operation of valves is crucial for ensuring the operational safety of entire installations. Valve interlock systems provide a fail-safe system for the controlled opening and closing of valves. Some tpical applications for valve interlock systems include:

  • Power plants
  • Oil and natural gas networks
  • Water Supplies
  • filling plants
  • Paper mills
  • Chemical production plants
  • Depots
Aluminium Jacketing Advantages
  • Aluminium jacketing protects from oxidation and has superior durable weather properties
  • Aluminium jacketing has high termal reflectivity
  • Aluminium jacketing has low heat emissivity and facilitates field application and inspection
  • Aluminium jacket does not need further maintains such as painting
  • Aluminium jacketing prevents corrosive condense inherent in the atmosphere
  • aluminium jacketing give clean and beautiful out looking
  • aluminium jacketing has economical justification